Simplify the everyday management of your methanisation units


Gain peace of mind and performance with a software that integrates all aspects of your managing role.


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Our solution

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Monitor your flow of materials

from receipt to invoicing, guaranteeing that your administration obligations are met

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Ensure technical management

with operating tours and maintenance log monitoring

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Analyse your performance and share your results

with real-time control panels and automatic reports

Quick implementation and easy to use 

1. Get in touch with BiogasView for a demo or quote or for additional information

2. Add your product data, clients, suppliers and contracts into the software

3. Train your users in just a few hours

4. Simplify your methanisation unit's management

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And if it doesn’t meet your expectations?

At the end of the first year, we will give back 75% of the service access fees, on request and with no strings attached. 

Why choose BiogasView?

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Peace of mind

  • Make it easier to implement good practises
  • Ensure your compliance with regulations for registered facilities for environmental protection (ICPE) 

  • Run and monitor your sites in real time

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  • Get rid of tasks with no added value

  • Optimise human resources

  • Improve energy availability


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  • Manage your units either on site or remotely

  • Get rid of your Excel spreadsheets and centralise your data

  • Delegate information management so you can focus on your job 

Our clients

BiogasView is aimed at methanisation unit operators, whatever the size and technology of the site.

Benoit Dutertre - Méthamaine

“BiogasView allows each shareholder to have a real-time view of the activity without calling on the managers at any time.
It offers monitoring of receipts, incorporations and dispatches, of biogas production, and of the production tool in every sense. Everything is centralised and reproduced in reports and graphs.
We greatly appreciate automatic publishing of these reports at the beginning of 2021. The tool is essential for efficiency in our daily tasks and for overseeing the site.”

Laurent Paquin - SAS ACTE

“A dynamic and responsive team, capable of adapting to complicated situations on the ground. They always provide solutions to sometimes unusual, client demands. They are always on hand and know their tools inside out.
The software has provided many advantages for us. Entry and exit data are saved and used to routinely update stocks. It’s a comprehensive but not complicated software for our daily management. BiogasView has answered these needs.”

Céline REZE - Méthamaine

“There are 12 of us partners so it is vital to be well organised. BiogasView allows me to closely monitor each one’s receipt and dispatch and to have everything in invoice management up to date. It also allows us to produce the documents for end-of-year regulatory filings which is reassuring. The team is always available and helps us whenever we need it. Huge thanks to them!”

Christophe EVRARD - Groupe Agriopale

“As park manager, we need to be able to our plants’ performance, to identify any upward or downward trends in this performance, and to compare them across different sites. We also needed to archive our incomings, outgoings and our rations, and automate measurements of a section of the site’s data. BiogasView has answered these needs. Today data are entered bit by bit. Documents – such as purchase requisitions, BSDs, invoices or analyses – are all centralised and we can access our performance history. Being among BiogasView’s first clients and, for that matter, the first biogas producer, we have seen the software develop alongside our needs.”

Bernard Jestin - GAEC de Kerberhun

“My initial goal was to collect and analyse all my site’s data. On the one hand, it ensured that I had the information and was up-to-date when it came to any checks. On the other hand, it also meant I had a better understanding of the unit. In addition to these aspects, BiogasView now simplifies site management through, for example, automatic saving of traceability documents. I approach the future calmly, particularly in terms of projects for site development and the increase in associated pressures. Especially as the team is always there to guide me in my projects!”

Romain Marqué - Biogaz de la Vilaine

We are a collective of 8 material providers who are concerned about administrative management of our processes and the fairness of azote sharing between our contributors.
We can easily manage our receipts by automatically importing data from weighbridge, DAC/ BSD documents generation, material providers and suppliers invoicing and other legal aspects. Biogasview solution fulfils all our requirements, and the team is very responsive and attentive to our requests.

FAQ: we answer your questions

Do I have to install and maintain the BiogasView software?

No. BiogasView is accessible via an internet tab and does not require any maintenance from users.

What do I do if I have a problem or if the software is not working?

Our support team is on hand to help you and directly contactable through the app. 

Can BiogasView sell or share my data?

No. Users own their data and no other party can make use of them.

Will I benefit from updates and new functions from BiogasView?

Yes. All users enjoy new functionalities and updates.

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