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There are 12 of us partners so it is vital to be well organised. BiogasView allows me to closely monitor each one’s receipt and dispatch and to have everything in invoice management…

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Céline REZE


BiogasView allows each shareholder to have a real-time view of the activity without calling on the managers at any time.
It offers monitoring of receipts, incorporation…

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As park manager, we need to be able to our plants’ performance, to identify any upward or downward trends in this performance, and to compare them across different…

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Christophe EVRARD

Groupe Agriopale

My initial goal was to collect and analyse all my site’s data. On the one hand, it ensured that I had the information and was up-to-date when it came to any checks. On the other…

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Bernard JESTIN

GAEC de Kerberhun

A dynamic and responsive team, capable of adapting to complicated situations on the ground. They always provide solutions to sometimes unusual, client demands…

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Laurent PAQUIN


We are a collective of 8 material providers who are concerned about administrative management of our processes and the fairness of azote sharing between our contributors…

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